12 Months of Recipes For Fit Pros {DFY}

There are no two ways about it... people LOVE recipes!

Recipes add value to current offerings and list-building efforts.

They are a BIG hit with clients, make great monthly newsletters, and can even be used as social media posts.

However, if you are not a great cook or creative in the kitchen, you either spend WAY too much time creating mediocre recipes yourself, don't offer recipes at all, or you pay someone to do what they do well while you stay in your zone of genius..

With your purchase of the DFY 12 Months of Recipes For Fit Pros, you get access to 48 original recipes, split up into monthly folders containing four recipes each. 

Inside of each folder, you will see...

  • Recipe text and images
  • Recipe cards PDF pack
  • Access to edit the recipe cards in Canva


You may share these recipes on social, via email, in programs, with clients, print the recipe cards - the only place they should not be shared is blogs. While it would be unethical to say you created the recipes, you can certainly share them!

When you edit in Canva, you can choose to download ONE picture at a time (ex: for social) or all four recipes together as a PDF (ex: to send to clients every month.)

These recipes were created by my niece and sister-in-law (and taste-tested by their family) and do not appear online anywhere, so you do not need to credit the creator.

Content Solution Club Members: These recipes are pulled from the 2021 Content Solution Club recipe content. So, if you have been a member for a year or more, you have all of these recipes already.

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