Mini Course: Start An Online Business 101

Imagine having your online business set up and running in 4 weeks or less?

What if you didn't have to spend TONS of your time and deal with the frustrations of having to figure it all out on your own?

If you are feeling overwhelmed with tech stuff, social media, and just everything you need to know about starting your own online business, THIS MINI COURSE IF FOR YOU!

I show you EXACTLY how I have set up multiple businesses and give you the most cost and time efficient solutions to get your online business up and running and ready to bring on clients!

I put in the time, money and research so you do not have to!

Below is an outline of the course, walking you through the exact steps you can follow to get your online business up and running.


    • What are you an expert in? What have you taken the time to master? 
    • What are you passionate about and could talk about all day? What excites and inspires you?
    • What struggles do people encounter when trying to learn a skill you’ve already mastered?
    • How can you solve their problems better than anyone else?

    Market Research - Validate the problem and solutions currently offered

    • What are the problems (keywords) people are searching for on Google, Pinterest, Youtube that you have a better method or process to solve?
    • What solutions are being presented to you in search results?
    • Based on the search results you’ve uncovered, how can you make your solution better?

    Ideal Clients + Pain Points

    • What problem can you solve?

    Your Solution

    • What is your unique solution to help solve a problem quicker or easier?

    Your Product

    • 1:1 Services - This type of product is best for providing a solution that is ongoing or may change over time and for higher-paying clients who want personalized customization, support, and accountability.
    • Course or Program - This type of product is best for providing a solution that may change or be improved upon over time. It needs to be presented in a visual way and consumed via multi-media (text, audio, video, PDFs). 
    • Membership - This type of product is best for providing ongoing education, action-oriented content, and group support for a lower cost than working with you 1:1.
    • Virtual Events, Workshops, Master Classes - This product can be part of a high-ticket offer or used as a lower-dollar that leads into working with you more closely. It can be done solo or as a collaboration and is presented in a visual way such as video.
    • Ebook - This type of product is best for providing a solution that is static and doesn’t change a lot. Think of solutions that endure the test of time. Ebooks are also great for laying out information that is easiest consumed via text and not audio or visual.
    • Printable and Templates - This type of product is best for action-oriented content that they can print or complete digitally.
    • Physical Products - Partner with a direct sales company, or your own products
    • Combination of the above - For example, providing a membership with opportunities for 1:1 calls. Or a self-paced course with multiple live group calls during a certain period of time. 

    Mission Statement

    • We/I help ______________ to ________________ through ____________________.

    Your Marketing Strategy

    • Community + Consistent Content - How will you build a community of followers and trust as the authority
    • Store Front - This is where people go to learn more about your business and how to work with you. I recommend both (Facebook page, website, etc)

    Generate More Traffic

    • Organic - More time and work but less money
    • Paid - Facebook and IG ads, Pinterest ads

    Free Offer/Low Dollar Lead Generation Strategies

    • Download → PDF, Ebook, Checklist (Oh my, do people LOVE checklists!), Cheat Sheet, Worksheet or Workbook, Guide, Resource Guide, Expert Guide, Templates, Swipe File or “Done-for-you” content”, Planners
    • Live 5-Day Challenge with Emails and Workbook Inside FB Group
    • Video → Workshop, Webinar, Training, Master Class, Live Call, Video Series
    • Other Idears → Behind-the-scenes Content, Quiz, Giveaway, Email Course, Resource Library, Online Summit

    Email List

    • I recommend Convertkit

    Landing Page + Thank You Page

    • Create one that you can put the Facebook pixel on (either on your website or Member Vault)

    Sales Funnel Strategies

    • Upsells
    • Trip Wires
    • DMs
    • Sales Calls
    • Group Zoom calls
    • Follow ups

    Sales Page 

    • Set up Stripe and/or Paypal
    • Set up a cart - Member Vault, Sam Cart, Click Funnels, etc.
    • If using Worpress site, you can use WooCommerce (there is a free version with limitations but could work for now). Member Vault is better.

    Inside of the mini course, we deep dive into the above framework walking you through the tech how-to and complete business set up 

    I have included my BEST tips and tactics for growing a scalable business (meaning you don't waste your precious time)


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